• Drifter Brewing

A Wild Weekend in Wilderness

Put a bunch of brewers and brew friends in one remote town for the weekend and this the result...

Even though the main reason for us trekking out to Wilderness was to partake in the Thousand Sensations Festival, it also happened to be Nick's birthday weekend so overall, it was quite a celebration. We were able to spend a pretty epic three days with our fellow brewers and friends - dressing up, dancing in the kitchen of our Air BnB, hiking along abandoned railroad tracks, kayaking up to a waterfall, and of course tasting different beers and drinking a lot of them...and then nursing our hangovers. 

We met wonderful folks at the festival and it was great seeing the microbreweries who are representing the Garden Route, such as Sedgefield Brewery. We look forward to further expansion of Drifter out that direction and hopefully more frequent trips to that beautiful part of South Africa as well!