The cape Town Blonde

She's too good for you.
The Cape Town Blonde was Drifter's first commercial beer on the market. Brewed with all local South African hops and a combination of imported German speciality grains, this is a light refreshing ale with earthy, malty flavours. Best enjoyed with friends around a braai.

ABV 5.0% / 20 IBUs 

THE Stranded


It will knock you on your head!
The Stranded Coconut is a session ale infused with real flaked coconut that has been toasted and added in during the brewing process. This beer will take you out of your work week and into the tropics! Best enjoyed on a beach, in a pool or any time really!

ABV 4.5% / 15 IBUs  



Always by your side.

The Legend Lager is a smooth light Vienna-style lager with a very prominent malt back bone and a subtle bitterness. A slight variation of the lager you know and love. Brewed in honour of Legend who was an amazing hound.

ABV 4.5 % /  18 IBUs



Bold as the seven seas.

The Scallywag is a hoppy American style IPA, brewed with a blend of local and international hops from the Pacific Northwest of the States. This beer has pronounced floral and tropical fruit aromas which are complemented by a very smooth bitterness and a silky mouthfeel.

ABV 6.0% /  60 IBUs

Stormy Smoked


The Drifter Stormy Smoked Porter is brewed with a malt we smoke naturally on German beechwood in Woodstock. You'll pick up hints of campfire on the aroma and roasted smokey cocoa nibs on the taste. At 6% and bold in flavour, it's a surprisingly easy-to-drink porter that will leave you wanting more. 

ABV 6% / 25 IBUs


gin and tonic

A craft gin and tonic made with local gin that has been infused with buchu, a plant only found in South Africa and believed by the traditional Khoisan people to be a “miracle herb”. The sweet herbal flavour of the gin pairs perfectly with the custom tonic water.


ABV 4% 

El CapitÁn

Mexican Lager

Super crisp, refreshing and perfect for summer. A very light toasty malt sweetness upfront followed by a subtle bitter bite of hops. Pale straw colour.

ABV 4%